First Battle Report

Soviet Armored Column with SMG infantry support approach a German flak tower

German Armor hides from the Bolshevik tide

Soviet mortars cleverly disguised as Germans with anti tank gun and 1ic are dug in along the north
I failed to get a picture of the rifle company in the east, loaded with anti tank guns and 2ic, deployed behind a small mountain. I thought them to be of lower threat value due to the distance around the mountain.
Roger offhandedly asked what would Hannibal do..



Soviets begin the advance


This is when the Hannibal comment makes sense

Heavy tank meets riverbed and the bogging party begins

The rifle company continues its advance
I forget to take pictures for a small while, ill get better as I do this more often

Flak tower fire bails the leader of the IS2s

Pak40 fails to penetrate the incoming armor

Flak tower batteries become pinned by soviet mortars

Nebs finally open up, firing a counter battery to a fearless unit with re-rolls

Grenadiers rush to the windows to fend off the inevitable assault

The Tiger off screen gets a luck shot on the ISU 152

The grenadiers in the city proper have been gone to ground since the beginning, hoping to survive long enough to spring a trap on the Bolsheviks

A barrage from the mortars manages to pin both the pak 40s and nebs, which proceed to stay pinned for a few turns

The flak tower artillery debates whether to fire directly at the soviets or continue to bombard, they choose to continue to try to pin the SMG company, which until this point have rallied every turn



The Tiger tried to deter any more aggressive moves from the Soviet tanks, I just pray it survives

The grenadiers use the fact that Roger is colorblind as he lines up his tanks for their perfect shot

Due to the time constraint Roger is a little too aggressive charging across the map as the STUGs begin the counterattack with MG fire but the fire is ineffective


20140115-082945.jpg What follows is some of the worst dice rolling I have witnessed, taking out most of the tanks
Only the IS2s are left, the Soviets remain as fearless as ever


Roger held back this unit so both companies could assault at the same time which I would have done differently, I would also have made this the SMG squad


20140115-084605.jpg Both assaults hit
The western unit is pushed back by defensive fire while the almost intact team assaulting the flak tower slam into my grenadiers, they are just effective enough for the grenadiers to fall back to the second floor but not enough to cause a check

My next turn involves ineffective shooting and the grenadiers in the town responding to now frantic orders to reinforce the tower, while the STUGs try to engage the Soviets too slow to move inside

20140115-085527.jpg The real jewel of the turn is the grenadiers and as STUGs opening fire and successfully pinning the squads
The grenadiers then counter attack to the first floor dealing a decent amount of casualties, the Soviets try to fight back but fail a motivation even with the Kommisar’s rallying machine guns
They are pushed out of the tower as the grenadiers move back as far as possible to prepare for the inevitable


The company sent to take the flak tower rally for one last charge but are pushed back by defensive fire more easily now that they are under 15 stands, the remaining IS2s open up on the grenadiers in the open but fail to destroy then

20140115-090833.jpg Despite being largely inept at combat this game, the Soviets still threaten both objectives, I counter my opponents reckless moves with my own and the Tigers get stuck in, missing every shot

20140115-091243.jpg the STUGs move back to reinforce the objective
The infantry fails to unpin, he destroys a STUG with an IS2 and we call it, his attack having lost its momentum (the other company had long since stopped being an effective force and relevant to the battle)
Victory Germans

This was my first battle report, I would forget to take pictures when it got most interesting. Ill try to take larger scale pictures and go more in depth on lists, strategy, and what not as I do more of these


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