Italy! 3rd rifles vs hg panzergrenadiers!

I continue the battle for Sant’ Ambrogio!
Following the success in holding the river, command of the 90 Sardinein was left to another commander and I was transferred to another unit which was preparing to mount localized counterattacks in the area.
After initial successes a portion of the 3rd rifles was surrounded!

Rob’s deployment was split between the two objectives, one unit of rifles held an objective with the american equivalent of 6 pounders, he had a unit of tanks hidden behind a building, his 105s and pioneers held the other objective, held in immediate ambush was his tank destroyers.

I had my nebs and a platoon with shrek and 1ic on my left flank, with my armor concentrated on my right flank. Stugs and pak40s were to face his shermans and 75mm cannons(?). My main push involved infantry guns, panzer iiis and ivs and an infantry platoon.

His immediate ambush deployed in a forest facing my panzers but thankfully I could move to avoid them.
I proceeded to run the stugs into the crops and open fire at the shermans, but doing nothing. My left infantry moved up heading towards the woods that held the tank destroyers remaining out in the open.

Rob moved up his shermans firing a pot shot at an 8rad and bailing it, he was able to kill a pak40 that moved with mortars. He took the chance to move his tank hunters to shred my infantry out in the open with machine gun fire but noticed they only had passenger fired AA! He then assaulted me but after many rounds of combat came out defeated. The infantry unit with 1ic then proceeded to dig in and do nothing for the rest of the game.

After that, my stugs proceeded to win the gun fight with the shermans as my panzer iiis amd ivs destroyed his artillery. The stugs were doing a great job destroying 75mm guns until rob pointed out I should just force the pioneers to the south to take motovation tests. I then concentrated my fire and did just that.
Victory Germany 6-1

This was one of a few games played tonight at my FLGS where the Axis came out with a 3-4, 4-3, and my own 6-1, with one last game going on before I left. It was a good turn out with everyone having fun.

















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