Heavy tanks!

Today’s mission was Pincer!
Steve allowed me to borrow his heavy tanks and I could not resist
This was against 7 AD, ARP and Tank horde galore.
I saw the weakness in Auto-defending heavy tanks immediately but felt confident enough that my infantry platoons could hold the line until the very slow reserves came in.




Otto was in the dead center ready to pour his weight of fire anyway.
I had 8.8s in ambush ready to respond his concentrated armor push, naturally I was more afraid of the ARPs overwhelming my infantry.


He dropped smoke on my jagdtiger, but was still close enough to see them doing limited damage. In the storm trooper move i make the silly mistake of moving it allowing two 76mms pushing up its side and destroying it.
The response of my panzerfaust and panzershreks is quick and decisive though.

The armor duel continued but between the nigh invincible 88s and otto the armored push was stopped.
During this time Mike pushes his ARPs and m10s against my dug in infantry, he fails to pin me in a few crucial moments leading his first ARP platoon to be pushed back depleted.
The bergepanther is crucial at this time as a ten point mobile machine gun platform.
The m10s pop killing Otto with a side shot at this time, i feel i may have forgotten his warrior save (i did).
My scouts in halftracks arrive in time to see off an assault from the second ARP platoon along with my King Tiger.
The last jagdtiger come in but at this point it is only a clean up operation. My rockets never came in before the Americans broke.
5-3 Germany